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The Power of Charms Podcast

Since 2004, Charity Charms have been used as a vehicle for non-profits and organizations of all types to creatively brand, fundraise, and engage with their community. We began this journey as a way to meet the growing demand for socially conscious brands. Being socially conscious has grown into an international movement founded on collaboration, giving, and awareness. Our mission is to empower organizations and their supporters, employees, and customers through symbolic pieces that bring their important work to life. Charms have the power to tell a story, connect people in a meaningful way, and build a legacy of love. 

May 4, 2021

Episode Summary: In this special Mother's Day episode, Kay interviews her mom Sydna. Join them as they discuss her guiding principles to life, sharing the wisdom she’s learned along the way, and just what makes Sydna who she is!

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